Cities are magnetic.  Cities draw me in.  I love ambling along their sidewalks, should they be present, or making my way between cars, scooters, bikes and people.  I look up, I look down, I see good things, and I see bad things.  The bottom line being, for me, cities, unrivaled by any other place, encourage me not only to look, but to see.  Cities enhance my awareness, my curiosity, and my scope.  Today, my colleagues and I embark on a new endeavor, one where we bring to you our loyal readers stories of urban environs, experiences at home and abroad, of the world as we see it– well planned or not.  The idea being that our observations might shape yours as well and compel us all to join in greater dialogue about the spaces in which we live, the environments we inhabit and how we involve ourselves in influencing them for the better.  Onward, the city!

— julia crain